Kicking the Addiction Habit

Why moss grows on Rolling Stones…

the slow mood movement

by Samara Steele

Lately, I’ve been working to understand my additions.  Booze, candy bars, coffee, ice cream, pot — I been a slave to each of these substances in recent years.

As for my “addictive-style,” I’m a stress-grabber.  When I get stressed out, I reach for a substance — without even thinking about it — and once it’s in my hand, I just compulsively smoke or swallow it.  It all happens so fast, I’m barely aware of what’s happened.

Sure, these substances are supposedly harmless (and I thank my lucky stars I haven’t had to deal with “hard” drugs!) but these “harmless” substances still screw up my ability to think and feel for about a day.  They debilitate me and hinder my ability to develop my personality.  And when I ingest these things day after day, my experience of being alive begins to shrink.

So, this winter I got hooked…

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